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Our Privacy Policy

We value your privacy. Our privacy policy is pretty simple:

  1. We're not going to give your private information to any third party without your permission.

  2. If you pay online, we do use a third-party payment processor. We have to give them some information in order to process payments, but this is usually limited to your name and zip code

  3. We do reserve the right to use aggregate customer data to try to learn about our customers as a whole. We may share aggregate customer data with third parties. For example, we might be sharing the number of over 30 players with an advertiser at a facility. Aggregate information may include data about the age of our players, gender, and approximate geographic locations. No personal information would be shared to the third party.

  4. Your Email address is private. While the site supports messaging from players to coaches and vice versa, the player can't see the email address of the coach, and the coach can't see the email address of the player. You're free to provide this to each other, but we'll never expose your Email address.

  5. If you get Email from us and want it to stop, we'll stop it. Users who are registered with this site have control over things like game notifications, league notifications, and any other email we might send.

  6. If you disagree with this privacy policy, please reach out to us.

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